Past Articles in Celebrity Disc Golf

  1. DGPT, Ben Askren to Host a Celebrity Pro-Am in July

    Askren, Andrew Zimmern, Dylan Cease among those that will attend.

  2. Andre Agassi Has No Business Playing Disc Golf In These Jordans

    The gall to show up to the course with this much drip

  3. When It’s Time To Hit The Road, Tycho Hits The Disc Golf Course

    Scott Hansen and his band use the sport to unwind, connect with nature

  4. Bizarre Foods’ Andrew Zimmern Is A Disc Golf Nerd Just Like You

    A candid conversation with the Travel Channel star about his love of the sport

  5. WATCH: NASCAR Driver Danica Patrick Putts At Daytona Media Event

    Who's up for some celebrity disc golf?

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