Past Articles in Aussie Open

  1. Circle 2uesday: A Major Headache

    What's the remedy for our lackluster commitment to a true Grand Slam?

  2. Paige Pierce Is Setting A Ridiculous Early Season Pace

    It was only one tournament, but Pierce's Aussie Open birdie percentage was incredible

  3. GIF: Paul McBeth, From Way Downtown

    The four-time world champ rounded into form near the end of the Aussie Open

  4. VIDEO: Wysocki’s Record-Breaking Aussie Open Performance

    Round 2 of the event is live!

  5. GIFs: Taking The Simon Line

    Who did it better, the namesake or the protégé?

  6. VIDEO: Aussie Open Round 1 Feature Card

    The SpinTV's coverage from down under is live!

  7. The Upshot: Aussie Open, Simon Lizotte

    The start of the 2017 season is just two days away!

  8. Tournament Throwback: 2015 Aussie Open

    Brush up in time for the first PDGA Major of 2017 with the event's final round

  9. Lizotte To Miss Aussie Open

    German star continues rehab after knee injury

  10. The Upshot: Sponsorship Changes, Paul Ulibarri, Aussie Open

    What's going on at Prodigy?

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