Chains For Charity Offers Chance To Win Target Used In 2018 USDGC

Giving can have many perks

Disc golfers are known for their big hearts — especially when it comes to helping to grow the sport. Generosity in this area is exactly what disc golf legends Jay and (Hall of Famer and World Champion) Des Reading are hoping to tap into with Chains for Charity.

The basic idea of Chains for Charity is that people can choose any player registered in the United States Disc Golf Championship to “partner” with. For every hole a player plays, they can earn a “birdie point” (a birdie equals one point, an eagle equals two points, an ace equals three points). Those who have partnered with a player then pay a certain amount per birdie point that player has earned — possible donations per point range from 50 cents to $100.

The money raised goes to the Educational Disc Golf Experience (EDGE) and Throw Pink organizations, which use disc golf as a conduit for education and well-being among youth and women respectively.

And for your generosity, they’re throwing in the chance to get a target from the 20th anniversary of one of the sport’s most famous tournaments to use for your backyard putting routine.

Through a written response to Ultiworld Disc Golf, Jay “Yeti” Reading said the program was designed to have “three facets.” These were, “to grow the game of disc golf through the disc golf outreach educational youth charities that are involved…Grow the Sport by allowing fans to actually attach themselves to the players they already are rooting for in a partnership for some great causes… and to add to the excitement that surrounds the USDGC and give fans a chance to ‘Get in the Game’ no matter where they live.”

In order to stoke interest in the charity, it was recently announced that participants have the chance to win one of the Innova DISCatcher Pro-28s that are being used on this year’s USDGC course. Unsurprisingly, the more you donate, the more chances there are to win.

Those interested can register at Disc Golf United and check up on those birdie points on a special UDisc Live page. Registration ends as of the first tee time Wednesday, October 3 (8:00am ET).

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