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  1. Choose Your Four People For A Disc Golf Mount Rushmore

    Time to decide the four figures to make the monument

  2. Did Someone Destroy Disc Golf Baskets In Oregon To Discourage Park Usage During Coronavirus Pandemic?

    Four baskets are Pier Park were vandalized this week

  3. Inside The Disc Golf Shutdown — And What Might Be Next

    Disc golf went from full speed ahead to full stop in less than a week.

  4. DGPT’s Disc Golf Network Eclipsed 6500 Subscribers Before Sport’s Shutdown

    Sign-ups blew away initial projections.

  5. Manufacturer Sponsors Looking For Alternative Ways To Support Team Members

    There is no contingency plan for a pandemic

  6. Glass Blown Open TD On What Goes Into Canceling The World’s Biggest Disc Golf Tournament

    When a whole community is affected a canceled tournament resonates beyond the course

  7. How Tour Players Are Dealing With Canceled PDGA Events

    Options are limited for touring players who rely on weekly event earning

  8. PDGA Suspends Event Sanctioning Through March 31

    Disc golf is coming to a halt.

  9. PDGA Suspends Majors, Elite Series Through April

    Other tournaments may continue if allowed by local authorities

  10. The Latest on the Coronavirus Impact on Disc Golf

    Live updates on the latest coronavirus news.

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