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Matt Thompson

Matt Thompson is a former English professor from Atlanta, GA. He thinks you should throw more thumbers and subscribe to your local newspaper.

  1. The Biggest Threat to Kristin Tattar’s Throne Isn’t Paige Pierce

    Could 2023 be the year of Catrina Allen?

  2. Seven Out: Why Ricky’s Majors Drought Is Overblown

    Yes, he's on a cold streak, but it's not as bad as you think.

  3. It’s Time for the US Women’s Championship to Move to Winthrop

    Two major champions should be crowned in Rock Hill.

  4. Is Post-Production Disc Golf Coverage Doomed?

    Live disc golf is quickly taking market share -- and the Pro Tour holds the cards.

  5. ‘The Holy Shot’ Review: A Second 2021 Worlds Documentary Commemorates an Unforgettable Tournament

    The film was pulled together in recent months to release in time for the 2022 World Championships.

  6. Fierce Review: Powerful Pierce Drives Film Trying to Be Something to Everyone

    Pierce's drive for a sixth world title is just a backbone for the film.

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