Ghana Flying Disc Association Is Bringing Disc Golf to the Country

The country's first tournament is set for next month.

Photo: GFDA

After successfully introducing ultimate frisbee in 2021, the newly established Ghana Flying Disc Association (GFDA) is turning its sights on the development of disc golf in the west Africa country.

In Februrary, the GFDA hosted its first disc golf event at a local park, complete with a homemade basket.

“The aim of the first session was to get the athletes to familiarize themselves with all the basic rudiments of the game and also GFDA long-term plans for the game and the youth athletes,” said Desmond Mantey, the head of the GFDA, in a post on Reddit’s r/discgolf. “Training will soon begin for these athletes in anticipation of upcoming competitions. The GFDA will soon organize workshops for kids and girls in a bid to also introduce the game to them.”

Mantey told Ultiworld Disc Golf that disc golf has already been introduced to a five schools in Accra, the capital, along with a number of community sports clubs. There are 25 officially registered disc golfers in the country through the GFDA.

“We’ve had two practice sessions so far,” said Mantey. “We had someone from Denmark offer some instruction to the new guys.”

Photo: GFDA

The association is hoping to develop three permanent disc golf courses — one at the Afua Sutherland Children’s Park and two others on purchased land — over the coming years. Currently, there is just one listed course in Ghana, a par 3 nine-hole layout at the American embassy in Accra. “If we are able to have these three parks, we believe that it can help us promote the game,” said Mantey.

Despite the lack of local infrastructure, the GFDA is planning to host its first disc golf tournament in April. They are working with a local welder to create baskets — they’ll set up three of them and, with the help of a Danish expat living in Accra, design a nine-hole temporary course for the event.

The GFDA is also looking to bring disc golf to places it has already worked to establish ultimate frisbee teams, like the eight universities that have started programs since the launch of the association in late 2020. “And, trust me, they’re going to love it,” said Mantey. “I played ultimate frisbee and I loved it. And the first time I threw a disc golf disc into a basket, it felt like heaven for me, and I think it will be the same for others.”

In the meantime, the GFDA hopes to put together a fundraiser to purchase discs and baskets. They have also been in touch with the PDGA’s international development team. You can find out more information about the GFDA and get updates on their progress on their Facebook page.

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