Ultiworld Disc Golf FPO Power Rankings (US Edition): 2021 Preseason

The field resets in the first edition of the 2021 Power Rankings.

Photo: Alyssa Van Lanen – PDGA

The start of a new season is always exciting. 2021 brings with it a renewed sense of optimism. We hope that the tour will proceed without interruption. We hope that COVID vaccinations continue to accelerate so that American and European players can compete together again. We hope that the return of professional golf helps us all muddle through the ragged end of the pandemic.

What can we expect on the course? Paige Pierce dominated in 2020. Will tour savvy veterans like Catrina Allen or Sarah Hokom chase her down in 2021? Will relative newcomers like Missy Gannon, Hailey King, Heather Young, or Valerie Mandujano challenge the old guard? Ellen Widboom took home the W at the Idlewild Open last year. Will we see any unexpected winners this year? Kona Panis came out firing at the DGPT All-Stars event and seems primed to break through into the upper echelon. Jessica Weese is healthy again. Ohn Scoggins is touring more. Rebecca Cox was knocking down putts from distance in the DGPT Virtual Putting Invitational. Get hyped! At the start of a new season, it’s anyone’s ballgame.

Note: while COVID travel restrictions remain in place, this list considers players based in America. We will break out an international top 10 once the season gets underway across the pond.

Methodology: We combine an algorithmic objective ranking with subjective ballots submitted by UWDG staff. The algorithm uses a standardized scoring model to compare elite events, awards competition and cash bonuses, and features a decay function that gradually phases out past results. For the preseason ranking, staff and subscribers considered the following criteria: 1. the results from the most recent Elite Series events, the Jonesboro Open, the USDGC/WNC, and the DGPT Tour Championship, 2. the 2020 UWDG World Rankings, and 3. their super subjective vibes, gut feelings, and premonitions heading into the new season.

FPO Power Rankings:
Rank Player Change Prior
Dropped from rankings: Eveliina Salonen (7), Kristin Tattar (8), Henna Blomroos (9), Lykke Lorentzen (14), Elaine King (24)
1 - 1
2 +2 4
3 - 3
4 -2 2
5 +1 6
6 -1 5
7 +4 11
8 +17 25
9 +3 12
10 +6 16
11 -1 10
12 +1 13
13 +5 18
14 +6 20
15 +8 23
16 +1 17
17 -2 15
18 -
19 - 19
20 -
21 +1 22
22 -
23 -2 21
24 -
25 -

Full breakdowns for each player continue below.

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  1. Patrick Aubyrn
    Patrick Aubyrn

    Patrick Aubyrn is a staff writer at Ultiworld Disc Golf and the editor of the UWDG Power Rankings. PDGA #27904. Follow him on Instagram (@patrick.aubyrn).

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