How The 2020 DGPT Championship Purse Measures Against Other Historical Payouts

This single event takes over several spots on the all-time FPO payouts

It makes sense the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship is in Charlotte because it is paying out a mint.

DGPT Championship Increases Payouts, Will Set Records for Total Purse, Biggest Prize

We know the 2020 DGPT Championship is setting records for overall purse, as well as overall top prize, but how does it fully stack up against the previous top tournament purses and payouts.

Top Tournament Purses

YearTournamentPro PurseTierTDPro PlayersTotal Players
2020DGPT Championship$130,000DGPT/AJeff Spring4848
2016PDGA Pro Worlds$129,882MDoug Bjerkaas415415
2015Ledgestone Open$117,453NTNate Heinold326326
2019PDGA Pro Worlds$115,936MNate Heinold242242
2015PDGA Pro Worlds$109,564MJ. Gary Dropcho405405
2011PDGA Pro Worlds$108,160MRuss Jacobson432432
2018PDGA Pro Worlds$107,518MJeff Spring277277
2020Ledgestone Open$105,490DGPT/ANate Heinold2231114
2018Ledgestone Open$102,068DGPT/ANate Heinold237968
2014PDGA Pro Worlds$100,235MTodd Andrews390390
2012PDGA Pro Worlds$97,880MBill Jacobson390390

As you can see, this year’s DGPT Championship tally at $130,000 ekes out the overall purse title by $118, edging the 2016 PDGA Pro Worlds in Emporia, Kansas. In all, only eight previous events had a total purse over $100,000, and only two events ever made up the top 10 total purses: PDGA Pro Worlds and the Ledgestone Insurance Open.

Tournament Director Nate Heinold was the organizer for four of the events in the previous top 10 biggest purses between the 2015, 2018, and 2016 Ledgestone Open, and 2019 PDGA Pro Worlds. DGPT Championship TD Jeff Spring was previously on the top 10 list for the 2018 PDGA Pro Worlds.

Some might be surprised that the Glass Blown Open has never had one of the highest purses in disc golf, but the event is often known for reinvesting much of its fundraising and entrance fees into player experience.

As for top individual prizes, first place payout of $20,000 is very clearly the overall top prize for both division, but payout for other finalists also makes the cut.

Top Prizes by Division

2020DGPT Tour ChampionshipMPOKevin Jones1$20,000.00
2021PDGA Pro WorldsMPOJames Conrad1$16,500.00
2007United States Disc Golf ChampionshipMPOKen Climo1$15,000.00
2009United States Disc Golf ChampionshipMPONikko Locastro1$15,000.00
2008United States Disc Golf ChampionshipMPONate Doss1$12,000.00
2010United States Disc Golf ChampionshipMPOWill Schusterick1$12,000.00
2017PDGA Pro WorldsMPORicky Wysocki1$12,000.00
2017United States Disc Golf ChampionshipMPONate Sexton1$12,000.00
2019United States Disc Golf ChampionshipMPOJames Conrad1$12,000.00
2005United States Disc Golf ChampionshipMPODave Feldberg1$11,000.00
2006United States Disc Golf ChampionshipMPOBarry Schutlz1$11,000.00
2003United States Disc Golf ChampionshipMPOBarry Schutlz1$10,000.00
2004United States Disc Golf ChampionshipMPOKen Climo1$10,000.00
2016PDGA Pro WorldsMPORicky Wysocki1$10,000.00
2016United States Disc Golf ChampionshipMPOJeremy Koling1$10,000.00
2017 DGPT Tour ChampionshipMPORicky Wysocki1$10,000.00
2017PDGA National Tour Elite Series Bonus PayoutMPOPaul McBeth1$10,000.00
2018 United States Disc Golf ChampionshipMPOPaul McBeth1$10,000.00
2020United States Disc Golf ChampionshipMPOChris Dickerson1$10,000.00
2020DGPT Tour ChampionshipMPOChris Dickerson2$10,000.00
2021PDGA Pro WorldsMPOPaul McBeth2$10,000.00
2021DGPT Match Play ChampionshipMPOCalvin Heimburg1$10,000.00
2020DGPT Tour ChampionshipFPOHailey King1$20,000.00
2020DGPT Tour ChampionshipFPOPaige Pierce2$10,000.00
2021PDGA Pro WorldsFPOCatrina Allen1$10,000.00
2021DGPT Match Play ChampionshipFPOPaige Pierce1$10,000.00
2021PDGA Pro WorldsFPOPaige Pierce2$6,000.00
2017PDGA Pro WorldsFPOPaige Pierce1$5,500.00
2021PDGA Pro WorldsFPOLisa Fajkus3$5,300.00
2018PDGA Pro WorldsFPOPaige Shue1$5,000.00
2017PDGA National Tour Elite Series Bonus PayoutFPOPaige Pierce1$5,000.00
2016PDGA Pro WorldsFPOValarie Jenkins1$5,000.00
2019PDGA Pro WorldsFPOPaige Pierce1$5,000.00
2020DGPT Tour ChampionshipFPOCatrina Allen3$5,000.00
2021DGPT Match Play ChampionshipFPOMissy Gannon2$5,000.00

The second place finish for the Open field would have tied for the 10th highest payout in disc golf history, matching the $10,000 paid to several years of USDGC victors. USDGC winners make up every other highest payout in the past.

For the Open Women, the top four players who make it to the finals on Sunday are guaranteed to beat or match one of the previous top 10 highest payouts for the division.

First place and second place will become the highest individual prizes awarded to an Open Women’s division, and the $5,000 for third place would have been the second highest prize awarded all-time and will match prizes for the past two PDGA World Champions, as well as the 2016 world champ and a 2017 Elite Series bonus. Even the $3,000 for fourth place would have tied for the 10th most all-time with this year’s Women’s National Championship and the 2017 DGPT Championship.

Paige Pierce has won five of the 10 highest individual prizes in Open Women.

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