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    In Wild Week of Legal Wins, Did Everyone Lose?

    There are no clear victors after the dust settled.

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    PDGA, DGPT File for Appeal on Thursday’s Ruling in Ryan Case

    Responses from Ryan's lawyer are due this afternoon.

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    CA Judge Rules in Favor of Natalie Ryan, Who Will Compete in OTB Open This Weekend

    A Federal District Court granted Ryan's request for a temporary restraining order.

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    Ryan, Seeking to Play in OTB Open, Files for Temporary Restraining Order Against DGPT, PDGA

    Natalie Ryan’s lawsuit against the DGPT and PDGA on the basis of her transgender status has again picked up steam ahead of the weekend’s OTB…

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    2023 Jonesboro Open Preview: Phase II of the Season Begins

    A Midwest stop before the West Coast swing.

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    2023 Champions Cup Preview: The First Major

    Georgia in the springtime.

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    UWDG World Rankings + Composite World Rankings: April 18, 2023 Update

    The rankings just before the first major of 2023.

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    Mailbag: Throw Down The Mountain, Worlds Music, Post-Production Future

    Does the classic post-production video format need to change to meet the needs of today's game?

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