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  1. The Upshot: USDGC Round 4 Recap

    That round was nuts.

  2. The Upshot: USDGC Round 3 Recap, Kevin Jones, Zach Deputy

    Kevin Jones is oozing confidence.

  3. The Upshot: USDGC Round 2 Recap [LIVE]

    Paul McBeth is on fire!

  4. The Upshot: USDGC Round 1 [LIVE]

    Recorded live from Winthrop Gold!

  5. The Upshot: USDGC Preview

    Who will be crowned the US champion?

  6. The Upshot: USWDGC, Paige Pierce, USDGC Livestreaming

    Paige Pierce joins us this week!

  7. The Upshot: Mailbag, Delaware, USWDGC

    A crisp new episode of The Upshot!

  8. The Upshot: Worlds Wrap, Controversies, Delaware NT

    We conclude our coverage of Worlds and get ready for the lead up to USDGC.

  9. The Upshot: Worlds Round 5 Recap

    What an incredible week of disc golf.

  10. The Upshot: Worlds Round 4 Recap [LIVE]

    We get you set for the final day!

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