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Jesse Weisz

Jesse Weisz dabbles in disc golf data visualizations. His hobbies include sustaining injuries through ultimate and disc golf. He also runs a non-profit that helps teachers travel at You can reach him through Twitter (@jesseweisz).

  1. Fandom Survey: Which Pros Do We Root For (and Against)?

    The heros and villians of disc golf.

  2. Fandom Survey: The Survey Itself & Who Took It

    The purpose of this article is to explain the rationale behind the questions we asked in the Ultiworld Disc Golf/StatMando Fandom Survey and the demographics…

  3. How Old Are the Competitors at the 2022 PDGA Pro World Championships?

    Continuing to monitor the ages of contenders and how they relate to past champions

  4. Can You Guess The Average Age Of A PDGA World Champion? [2021]

    Determining if there is a "peak" age for world champions

  5. The 2022 Disc Golf Season Mega-Preview

    The stories we're following to start the season.

  6. The European Re-Open: Q&A with Blær Örn Ásgeirsson

    The Icelandic wunderkind is ready for a full tour.

  7. The European Re-Open: Q&A with Kristin Tattar

    Fresh off a highly successful US mini-tour in 2021, Kristin Tattar is ready for a full US tour.

  8. The European Re-Open: Q&A with Linus Carlsson

    The second highest-rated player in Europe will be on tour in the US this year.

  9. The European Re-Open: Q&A with Niklas Anttila

    The 2021 European champion is making his US debut.

  10. The European Re-Open: Q&A with Jussi Meresmaa

    A chat with the Discmania owner and founder.

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