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Josh Mansfield

Josh Mansfield is a disc golfer who is always looking for any excuse to road trip an obscene amount of miles with his wife and brother-in-law to try new courses. His below average disc golf game is far surpassed, however, by his exceptional Foosball skills.

  1. The Upshot: Line in the Sand, 30 Second Rule [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    When's the deadline for locking in performances?

  2. The Upshot: Recap, Overreactions! [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    Definitely DO read too much into the results of the first event of the season!

  3. The Upshot: Dylan Cease, Fantasy Draft, Preview [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    The DGPT season starts tomorrow!

  4. The Upshot: Jomez Changes, All-Star Weekend, UDisc’s Steve Hill [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    What happened between UDisc & the PDGA?

  5. The Upshot: All-Star Weekend Preview [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    Everything you need to know for the first event of 2024!

  6. The Upshot: Jeff Spring Interview [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    The DGPT CEO talks all things Pro Tour.

  7. The Upshot: 2024 Season Preview [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    What should you expect from the 2024 Pro Tour?

  8. The Upshot: CEO, UDisc/DGPT Split, Ticket Sales [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    Learn why a chess company is getting involved in disc golf!

  9. The Upshot: Paige Pierce Interview [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    Recovering from injury, preparations for 2024, disc golf coaches, & more!

  10. The Upshot: Boy Scout Merit Badge, Jay “Yeti” Reading [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    How EGDE helped make it happen

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