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Charlie Eisenhood

Charlie Eisenhood is the publisher of Ultiworld Disc Golf. You can contact him at [email protected].

  1. The Upshot: Worlds Odds, Simon Lizotte, Ohn Scoggins [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    Who has the best shot of winning Worlds?

  2. The Upshot: DGLO Recap, Playoff Chatter [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    A pair of popular winners at DGLO!

  3. Mailbag: DGPT Playoffs, Kristin’s Elbow, McBeth Bump

    Do the playoffs need to change?

  4. The Upshot: DGPT Playoff & DGLO Preview [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    The DGPT playoffs are about to begin!

  5. The Upshot: Stock Up, Stock Down; Idlewild Recap [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    A mid-season look at who is sizzlin' and who is struggling

  6. The Upshot: Ledgestone Recap, Cole Redalen, Missy Gannon, Idlewild Preview [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    The Ledgestone winners stop by to chat

  7. The Upshot: PDGA Rule Proposals, Corey Ellis, Nate Heinold, Ledgestone Preview [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    A jam packed episode heading into Ledgestone

  8. The Upshot: Season Overview, Ohn Scoggins, Super Silvers [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    A review of the season thus far

  9. The Upshot: Kristin Tattar Dominance, Under-the-Radar EO Storylines [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    Is Tattar's dominance bad for FPO?

  10. The Upshot: European Open Recap, Jeff Spring, United Series [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    Jeff Spring discusses the DGPT's latest step towards transgender participation

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