Past Articles in UDisc Live

  1. View From The Top: McMahon Masters Milo

    How McMahon's play on hole 10 propelled him to victory

  2. McBeth Seals SFO Title In Classic Showdown

    McMahon claims second from chase card

  3. Lizotte Cruises To Early SFO Lead

    Gleneagles bites as field racks up the OB strokes

  4. Pros To Battle For Big Money At Match Play World Championship

    Dynamic Discs introduces new end-of-season event

  5. How Typical Are Two Perfect Circle 1 Putting Performances At One Tournament?

    Two, rather rare, putting performances at the RE/MAX Open

  6. Q&A With Josh Lichti Ahead of UDisc Live’s European Debut

    UDisc's co-founder chats about the rise of UDisc Live, their first event in Europe, and a UDisc app update

  7. By The Numbers: How The MPO Division Played Hole 18 In Jonesboro

    How the final hole at Disc Side of Heaven played for the MPO division

  8. Wysocki Outlasts The Elements Taking Jonesboro Open Lead

    Gurthie slips, Montgomery makes a charge

  9. Drive For Dough And Putt For Show: Part II

    The pattern still holds, even when accounting for potential limitations

  10. Measuring FPO Strokes Gained And Lost Putting At WACO

    Strokes gained and lost on the green proved influential in determining the FPO winner

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