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  1. Inside The Numbers: 2022 MVP Open at Maple Hill

    Simon wins his 4th Elite Series event; Ryan wins her 2nd.

  2. Triumph and Disaster at the 2022 MVP Open

    Does anyone else feel that we have been treated to an anthology of enthralling human stories in our game this year?

  3. Inside The Numbers: 2022 Pro Worlds

    Brilliant performances and big payouts.

  4. 2022 Pro Worlds from Down Under: The Separation

    One round left.

  5. 2022 Pro Worlds from Down Under: Time to Pounce

    Former US Navy Seal Jocko Willinick has found an audience in the world of motivational podcasts and literature with his own brand of hard-bitten stoicism.

  6. 2022 Pro Worlds from Down Under: Game Plans

    I don’t drink anymore.

  7. Paige Pierce Practice Round Dustup Was a “Non-Issue and a Misunderstanding”

    Police were called after Pierce was attempting to play a practice round at the Emporia Country Club on a day closed to disc golf.

  8. ‘The Holy Shot’ Review: A Second 2021 Worlds Documentary Commemorates an Unforgettable Tournament

    The film was pulled together in recent months to release in time for the 2022 World Championships.

  9. Inside The Numbers: 2022 Des Moines Challenge

    A weird start and a thrilling finish!

  10. Inside The Numbers: 2022 Ledgestone Open

    Ricky is the first to three wins this season; FPO now has seven unique Elite Series winners.

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