Past Articles

  1. Worlds Spotlight: Team MVP’s Jacob Sanders

    Jacob Sanders battles with Brewster Ridge in this 2nd installment of the Worlds Spotlight!

  2. Worlds Spotlight: Team Innova’s Garrett Gurthie

    Catch up with ‘Double G’ and see how he fared in the first round of the 2018 PDGA Pro World Championships!

  3. WATCH: Worlds Caddy Book, Sponsored By Innova

    Big news!

  4. Conrad Cleans Up At 2018 Pro Worlds Field Events

    Paige Pierce wins long drive for seventh straight year

  5. Fajkus, Bell Take Mixed Doubles At 2018 Pro Worlds

    Estonians and Team MVP tie for second

  6. Chris Dickerson Shoots 24-Under Par On 27 Holes

    "Maybe even the best round I've ever shot," Dickerson

  7. Nate Doss And Valarie Jenkins Announce Lease For Brewery

    Bevel Craft Brewing has a home

  8. Alaska Man Unfazed By Bear In Fairway, Throws Disc Anyway

    A bear in the fairway will not stop league

  9. Watch: Ricky Wysocki Aces At Maple Hill During MVP Open

    One day, two aces for Maple Hill's eighth hole

  10. WATCH: Harbolt’s Hyzer Ace At Maple Hill

    Get the #SCTop10 hashtags ready

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