1. Inside The Numbers: 2022 Pro Worlds

    Brilliant performances and big payouts.

  2. 2022 Pro Worlds from Down Under: A Champion’s Heart

    A tremendous display of skill and perseverence.

  3. 2022 Pro Worlds from Down Under: The Separation

    One round left.

  4. 2022 Pro Worlds from Down Under: Time to Pounce

    Former US Navy Seal Jocko Willinick has found an audience in the world of motivational podcasts and literature with his own brand of hard-bitten stoicism.

  5. 2022 Pro Worlds from Down Under: Game Plans

    I don’t drink anymore.

  6. History Says Only 12 Players Are Still Alive for an MPO World Championship

    How far back can you be?

  7. 2022 Pro Worlds from Down Under: A Calm and Compelling Start

    I played Worlds in 2011 and 2012, so I remember well the 36 hour journey from Western Australia.

  8. How Old Are the Competitors at the 2022 PDGA Pro World Championships?

    Continuing to monitor the ages of contenders and how they relate to past champions

  9. Can You Guess The Average Age Of A PDGA World Champion?

    Determining if there is a "peak" age for world champions

  10. Potential Cinderella Stories at the 2022 World Championships

    Gregg Barsby is one of the most unlikely world champions in the history of disc golf.

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