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Matt Rothstein

Matthew Rothstein, PDGA#51515, is a regular contributor to Ultiworld Disc Golf’s Tuesday Tips series whose work has previously been featured in DiscGolfer Magazine and Rattling Chains. Contact him at [email protected].

  1. Tuesday Tips: 3 Drills For Judging Distances

    Hone your inner rangefinder for more success on the course

  2. Tuesday Tips For Talking Like A Local

    Show off your native tongue and blend in like a pro

  3. Tuesday Tips: Art Of The Pre-Round Routine

    Seven ways to prepare for success

  4. Tuesday Tips: Using A Straddle Stance On Uphill and Downhill Putts

    How a change in approach can keep your putting game on point

  5. Tuesday Tips For Navigating High-Risk, High-Reward Scenarios

    Run it, or lay up?

  6. Tuesday Tips: 5 Strategies For Tackling Doubles Play

    Some simple ways to become a dynamic duo

  7. Tuesday Tips: How To Stop Worrying And Learn To Love The Wind

    Just because it's howling doesn't mean you can't have fun. A little shot selection and stability knowledge goes a long way.

  8. Tuesday Tips: How To Throw A Forehand Roller

    Discover your inner major leaguer and get down!

  9. Tuesday Tips: Art Of The Pre-Shot Routine

    A look at the mental and physical benefits of repetitive actions

  10. Tuesday Tips: A 1-Putter Practice Routine To Recreate The Pressure Of A Competitive Round

    Because standing in one spot with a stack of putters is nice, but doesn't add that stress factor

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