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Josh Woods

Josh Woods is an associate professor of sociology at West Virginia University who writes about disc golf for Parked: The Sociology of Disc Golf. Contact him at [email protected] or on Twitter.

  1. Disc Golf’s Under The Radar Population

    What does data about non-sanctioned events, or those sanctioned by other governing bodies, reveal about the sport's growth?

  2. About Those ‘Disc Golf Meccas…’

    A state-by-state comparison of disc golf activity

  3. A Closer Look At The Gender Gap In Disc Golf

    Social research suggests two strategies for growing the sport

  4. Women, Men, And Disc Golf: An Interview With Valarie Jenkins

    The PDGA Women's Committee chair shares her ideas about getting more women involved in the sport

  5. Ouch: A Look At The Injury Bug, And How To Avoid It

    Seven statistics and three main keys point the way toward staying on the course

  6. A Guide To YouTube Putting Instruction: Part 1

    One writer's deep dive into the voluminous resources for help inside the circle

  7. Disc Golf’s Popularity May Be Declining

    An analysis of social media trends and what they mean for the sport

  8. Is Disc Golf Stuck In The Middle Ages?

    Karl Marx, one of the founders of sociology, would be baffled by disc golf (had he not died in 1883).

  9. Has Disc Golf Reached A Tipping Point?

    A sociological look at the sport's growth

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