Mailbag: Early Contract Exits, 2022 Emerging Stars, Learning New Plastic

How quickly do players adjust to a new sponsor's discs?

Ella Hansen is a player on the rise. Photo: DGPT

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Q: I’ve seen a lot of players leaving their contracts early. Are these departures mutual or is someone facing penalties for breaking their contract? If I broke my work contract without cause, I’d lose a lot of money…

– Tim F.

A: It’s a question on everyone’s mind, especially after Ricky Wysocki declined to answer any questions about his contract termination with Innova in the Dynamic Discs press conference.

The most likely answer to your question is that, no, there are no explicit penalties. Some of the contracts may allow for opt outs at any time for any reason. Some might have set renegotiation periods with exit clauses. Others might be more strict, but most manufacturers aren’t going to go to war to keep a player around that doesn’t want to be there. Pros are almost always going to have the ear of fans more than the companies, and it’s pretty awful PR to have a player who clearly doesn’t want to be throwing your plastic being forced to do so. Remember Paige’s last year with Prodigy?

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