Vote: 2019 Disc Release Of The Year

What disc was a gamechanger last year?

After a months-long process tracking sales, flight charts, reviews, top pro recommendations, and throwing, we’ve effectively narrowed down the 75 or so discs released in 2019 to a formidable list of contenders for the best new general release disc of the year. From here the winner is for you to decide.

Without further ado, here are the top 121 nominees for Ultiworld’s 2019 Disc of the Year. Your votes will narrow the choices and eventually elect the winner.

Anax – Discraft

From Discraft: Introducing the 3rd disc in Paul McBeth’s lineup – The Anax (pronounced ‘aa·nuhks’). A strong, overstable fairway driver with the sharp rim of a distance driver but the comfort, thinner rim, and precision of a fairway driver. Players have instantly taken to its flight as a utility driver with a TON of glide.

From the Pro: “Discraft absolutely killed it with the Anax! It is a straight to over stable fast flying fairway driver that is very smooth and predictable. I found tons of confidence throwing the Anax and I highly recommend it to any skill level.” – Adam Hammes

DD3 – Discmania

From Discmania: DD3 is the distance driver that has been optimized to bring massive glide and distance to those who have the power. The DD3 is a stable to overstable distance driver that offers a ton of glide for players who are able to get this disc up to speed. The DD3 crushes down the fairway with enough stability to handle pro level power without turning over and enough glide to give the disc a full flight. The DD3 is perfect for pro players who are looking to expand the limits of what a distance driver can do, or any player looking for a reliably stable driver in their bag.

From the Pro: “The S-line DD3 reinvented the way I throw distance shots. It has the perfect combination of speed, glide, and stability to make it a go to for all long range shots both backhand and sidearm.” – Eagle McMahon

From the Pro: “DD3 is finally a disc in the Discmania lineup that is a straight up and consistent bomber. This will be a super reliable distance driver for 99% of players. For me it’s the perfect, maximum distance hyzer flip disc. Also crushes on roller angles!” – Simon Lizotte

From the Pro: “The DD3 is for sure the disc of the year. Easiest described as a true 12-speed glidey DREAM” – Nate Perkins

Entropy – MVP

From MVP: The Entropy is an overstable Putt and Approach disc designed for flights with reserved glide and a dependable finishing fade. The Entropy delivers as the overstable workhorse putter GYRO® fans have been waiting for. Making its debut in Neutron Plastic in the new 12mm MVP Putter class, the Entropy has the premium grip and durability to become your go-to approach or high wind putter. After an extensive development process, the Entropy has arrived and is ready to be disc golf’s next premier overstable putter.

From the Pro: “The Entropy is a staple in my bag for approach shots inside 200ft. Overstable, super flat and easy to control. Thrown backhand or forehand,  it will dump at the pin without gliding too far past, leaving you tap-ins all day.” – Sarah Hokom

Firefly – Innova

From Innova: The Firefly is made for the touring pro – or any player demanding a stable putt and approach disc that’s comfortable in the hand. It features a beadless rim and will debut in the new ‘Nexus’ plastic, a firm plastic that’s grippy and more durable than our DX line. It can handle tee shots and take on the wind.

From the Pro: “The Firefly is the best putter I have used, the perfect blend of stability, stiffness, and grip! I use it for all putts inside 45 feet or so and for short approaches into the wind, or where a stable finish is needed.” – Nate Sexton

Gatekeeper – Westside

From Westside: The Gatekeeper wants to go right where you throw it, and it excels at holding angles. Even when thrown with power, the Gatekeeper stays true with a slight tendency to fade. With surprising high-speed stability and a comfortable rim, enlist the Gatekeeper to help you stay in the fairway.

From the Pro: “The Gatekeeper is the disc of the year for me. It will hold any line you put on it and is really good for stronger arms. I know I can throw it with full confidence. A perfect compliment to my Fuse and Verdict.” – Chris Clemons

Link – Discmania

From Discmania: The Link has a stable flight for a putter, able to take large amounts of spin without getting floaty and able to glide to the basket without fading out too soon. The Link fits the perfect all around putter for beginners and seasoned pros alike. This putter features a big bead on the rim that makes the Link feel comfortable and helps it glide out of the hand easily on every shot. The Link is slightly shorter than the P2 while not being short enough to qualify as low profile. The Link has a straight flight when thrown, resulting in a putter that can be relied upon for any up shot.

From the Reviewer: “The Discmania Link is my absolute favorite disc of the year.  It has a flat top, a bead, and a very rounded rim. This Putter is solid inside the circle but really shines off the tee, holding any angle you put it on.” – Disc Golf Nerd

Luna – Discraft

From Discraft: The Luna is a new putter co-designed from start to finish with Paul McBeth. The Luna features a new and unique plastic blend, combining the fan favorites of Jawbreaker and the durability and extra tackiness of rubber. The melding and firming process of these two materials makes for a great feel in the hand and gives the utmost confidence on the course. The Luna is a great neutral flying putter, making it a staple for heavily wooded and open style courses. This control allows The Luna to take advantage of any angle or putting style and showcase it at its full potential.

From the Pro: “I went with a putter (as the first disc in my lineup) because it’s the foundation of disc golf for me…putting is something everyone can do. I’ve always wanted a firm putter with a tacky feel. That’s something that’s been missing from the market. We’ve designed the Luna to put those together.” 

“The Luna is my favorite release of 2019, as I use it on nearly every hole.” – Paul McBeth

MX3 – Prodigy

From Prodigy: The MX-3 is a slightly overstable, beaded midrange designed for consistency and for a high-level of control and performance. It is highly torque resistant while providing an impressive amount of glide. Headwinds are no match for the MX-3, with a slightly overstable to straight flight that still offers an impressive amount of glide, especially when thrown on anhyzer and flex lines. Its beaded rim provides a comfortable grip, smooth release, and consistent stability.

From the Pro: “The MX3 was designed to be a torque resistant midrange that can hold power shots on a slight anhyzer release into the wind. I love the MX3 because of the stability and predictability on the late fade at the end of the flight.” – Will Schusterick

From the Pro: “The MX-3 is going to be a staple in Prodigy’s midrange lineup. Its dependability will be something to rely on even in the wind. It’s an ideal midrange for all player types.” – Kevin Jones

P Model S – Prodigy (ACE Line)

From Prodigy: The P Model S may have more glide than any other putter on the market coupled with a straight flight and subtle fade. With a slimmer profile and small bead on the rim, it feels great in the hand and offers a consistent, clean release for drives, approaches, and putts. The glide makes it a great putter, as it stays in the air to find chains from short and longer distances. It also has a soft fade, so you can trust it is going to finish toward the basket. Its comfortable grip, impressive glide, and reliability will make it an instant favorite.

From the Pro: “The P model S has earned a spot in my bag for being slightly over stable. It glides forward instead of dumping when it loses speed. I also like that it is very torque resistant, it doesn’t like to flip. Whatever angle I put the P Model S on, it holds.” – Chris Dickerson

Pyro – Axiom Discs

From Axiom: The Pyro was designed as Axiom’s first overstable Midrange with more glide than the MVP Deflector and a commanding stable finish. The Pyro has enough stability for consistent flights in strong winds and powerful throws without losing its line and turning off target. Fire away with the predictably overstable flights of the Prism Proton Pyro!

From the Pro: “I bagged the Pyro immediately upon its release, and it’s easily my favorite new disc of 2019. It’s a flat, overstable, and super versatile mid. It can handle forehand torque and some serious headwind but it’s definitely not a meat hook that will seek out the ground too early. It’s my go-to disc for shorter forehand lines up to about 200 feet, and I throw it backhand off the tee all the time.” – Jeff Faes

Raider – Dynamic Discs

From Dynamic Discs: The Raider is sure to steal its spot in bags of all skill levels. The Raider sits comfortably between the Trespass and Enforcer in stability, and it excels at finishing forward instead of diving at the end of its flight. Players with slower arm speeds will find a dependable, overstable driver that will gain them distance over the Enforcer or Defender, while faster arms will love the Raider as a workhorse driver that is perfect for carrying multiples to cover a variety of shots. Get ready to put some power on your distance shots, and watch the Raider destroy your previous best drives.

From the Pro: “The Raider, hands down the best disc released in 2019. This is a disc that has been missing from our lineup. Stable, predictable, and long. The Raider will destroy the competition.” – Eric McCabe

From the Pro: “Raider = ?” – Zach Melton

Raptor – Discraft

From Discraft: Confidence is KING. The Raptor has been a collaboration between our Team Discraft captain, Paul Ulibarri and our R&D guys. Driving into wind – check. Flex shots, Sidearm – check, check. The Raptor delivers the most confidence you’ve ever felt in a driver under 300ft. Make room in your bag, this just became a staple.

From the Pro: “I believe the Raptor is the best over stable fairway driver on the market. Not only does it have a consistent stable flight, but the thrower can fall in love with its comfy grip for both backhand and sidearm. Basically a big brother to the already very popular zone. It would have my vote for disc of the year.” – Paul Ulibarri

Zeus – Discraft

From Discraft: Paul McBeth adds a second disc to his line up – the Zeus (formerly known as the Kong). Fast, shallow, with grip for days. You’ll feel a connection to this disc as soon as it’s in your hand. From the shallow rim and perfectly shaped edge, to the soft and grippy feel of the ESP plastic, this driver will elevate high speed arms to the next level of competition. Delivering even more glide than expected, you’ll find yourself trusting in Zeus time and time again.

From the Pro: “Zeus is a disc that is designed to fill a very small gap but it compliments so many of Discraft’s high speed drivers….Really easy distance while being very controllable. No matter who throws the disc it’s going to perform. The only name that’s fitting for it is the king of the sky….Zeus.” 

“Of the 2019 releases I’m most proud of the Zeus.” – Paul McBeth

Top 5 of the Smaller Manufacturers

Bobcat – Mint Discs

From Mint: Designed to be a power mid-range that will compliment the Alpha, this flat profile disc will cut through almost any wind. Perfect for Backhand or Forehand dominate players.

From the Writer: “The Bobcat is one of the best overstable mids I’ve thrown in quite a while. It has a true forward fade and will not just fall out of the air. Expect to get a dead straight flight for 80% of the flight before it starts pulling left while still pushing forward. A really great workable disc that can easily fit in a mid-range lineup, not just a utility disc. More stable than an EMAC Truth or Buzz, but not a Justice or a Gator, the Bobcat perfectly between these spots in your bag, with a very similar feel in the hand to the top beadless mids.” – D. LeMay

Emperor – Infinite Discs

From Infinite: Conquer the courses with the Emperor from Infinite Discs. This is a moderately overstable, powerful distance driver that you will need to enhance the accuracy of your distance game.

From the writer: “The Emperor gets EASY hyzer or overstable distance. I threw this several times side by side with other popular overstable molds. While not being the most overstable it definitely got the easiest distance. I didn’t have to put full power on the throw to get as much distance as my other high speed drivers. I tested this both in a wide-Open field as well as on the course for actual golf shots.” – D. LeMay

FlameThrower  – Black Zombie

From Black Zombie: The Flamethrower is a fast driver and likened to a seasoned Wraith. I’ve been playing disc golf since 1992 and the Wraith has been my all time favorite driver, especially once broken in. The magic has been for players with slower arm speeds, but can bomb for pros as well. The Flamethrower is THAT disc!

From the writer: The Flamethrower flies incredible when you realize that it doesn’t need to be thrown at full power to get a full flight. The first couple rounds I wasn’t clicking with the disc. After talking to the guys at Black Zombie I played a few rounds and just threw it smooth and not for “big distance”. This completely changed my outlook on the disc. This thing bombs without a ton of effort. It was able to fly anywhere from dead straight, to holding an anhyzer line, to even a flex line. A great disc that flies very similar to my beat in CD2s. This disc will be extremely useful for a wide variety of players but like the company said the magic will be with players of slower arm speeds. Not necessarily “slow arms” but players that aren’t professional level. Try a disc that fits your arm, not your favorite pro’s arm.” – D. LeMay

Freetail – Mint Discs

From Mint: The Freetail is named after the Mexican Free-tailed Bat that is native to our home city of Austin, Texas. The Freetail is a driver that wants you to control it, not power it like our first driver release, the Alpha. Give it an easy flat spin for the best turnover of your life, or if you have a bit more power make sure to put a little hyzer on it for a buttery flip up line.

From the writer: “The only disc to make the list that I didn’t personally throw. A ton of love and great reviews online. Didn’t feel right to leave it off the list based on my personal experience alone.” – D. LeMay 

Scepter – Infinite Discs

From Infinite: The Scepter is a flat-top, overstable fairway driver for power throwers or for utility use to get around obstacles on the disc golf course. It is very comfortable for forehand use and will always fight out of anhyzer releases. You can count on the Scepter to slice through headwinds and to make a dramatic end-of-flight fade.

From the writer: “Overstable! The Scepter came out of the hand so smooth and it wants to get to the stable side. Throwing both forehand and backhand the Scepter held a very stable flight and came off the hand as smooth as any disc I’ve thrown in its speed range. Very similar to the flat top Firebirds or other popular flat overstable fairways. One of the most impressive discs I threw from the 2019 releases.” – D. LeMay 

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