McBeth’s 18-Under Par Round Featured On Exclusive ESPN SportsCenter Segment

JomezPro highlights appear on 'Haven't Seen It...Should'

In case you have been living under a rock and somehow missed it, Paul McBeth played one of the best rounds of disc golf ever last Saturday and it’s been all the buzz since. It was an 1108-rated, 18-under par 45 at the Toboggan course in Milford, Michigan, and it helped him to a convincing win at the Disc Golf Pro Tour event.

While it was relatively short on extreme, specific highlights (like an ace, for example), the entire round was near flawless. McBeth recorded one eagle, 16 birdies, and one par with a variety of parked shots, 60-foot putts, near throw-ins, and exceptionally executed approach shots. Usually, it’s specific highlights that catch the attention of mainstream sports outlets like ESPN, but the near perfection of an 18-under par performance must have been too much for the worldwide leader to overlook.


A cut up of the Jomez Productions footage of McBeth’s historic round was first featured during a segment of “Haven’t Seen It…Should” on ESPN’s popular SportsCenter show late Monday night.

To this point, when disc golf has made it on to ESPN’s SportsCenter, it has been individual aces or specific throws, like Philo Brathwaite’s albatross, that have appeared on the program’s Top-10 highlights segment along with other impressive feats from the sporting world. But this is different. It marks the first time, to our knowledge, that disc golf has been the sole feature of a segment on the network’s leading sports news program.

The video cut-up of McBeth’s round receives a detailed narration from the host in the form of specific information gathered on more than what just can be observed by watching it. For example, he includes the estimated distance (over 250 feet) from which McBeth almost throws-in his approach on hole 3, and that McBeth slipped, slightly, on the teepad of hole 10 — the site of his lone par on the round — causing his drive to not get enough turn to fight the uphill sloped fairway. Interspersed with the description of the round are loosely related quotes from the Shakespeare play Macbeth. It’s a level of detailed, thoughtful coverage and exclusivity in production that had yet to be seen for the sport.

In what will likely go down as another step among many throughout McBeth’s already storied and far from over career, through his impressive play the sport just took another giant leap. It’s easy to see why he’s still the most captivating player in the sport right now because when he’s on, he’s a non-stop highlight reel.

This post has been updated with the PDGA’s high-quality video of the segment, h/t Michael Glen Porter for the initial video

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